About Alex

Alex Aalto is an award winning Producer, Film Director and Photographer based in London and Hong Kong, operating globally. 

Starting his career from age 16 in Helsinki, Alex has gained during the decade a forefront industry experience in Sydney, London and Hong Kong, working with the prestigious publications and top global brands, e.g. Vogue Taiwan, Prestige Hong Kong, L’officiel, Adidas, as well as with high-profile talents.

The years of experience in London’s fashion and advertising industry has provided him with a unique asset to be networked outstandingly with industry-leading professionals.


Alex directs and executes each video and photo productions and projects with the highest standards, utilising his advanced and robust sector knowledge to exceed end product requirements for major brands.

Besides his work in a film and photography industry, Alex is a regular guest lecturer in universities and educational institutes in the UK and Finland, delivering photography industry-focused workshops for creative industry students.

His free time is spent travelling the world through gastronomy. The key deliverables of his work are delivering with the highest standards, utilising advanced creative mind, sorting demanding situations with the highest excellence and providing an engaging top quality result with a unique touch.


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